Why use VEN?

Ven is Stable

The value of Ven is calculated from a mix of currencies, commodities and carbon futures pricing. These components diversify the 'inputs' for Ven, creating a diversified asset. Over the last four years, Ven has been up to 50% more stable than any single political currency, and far less volatile than commodities - especially carbon credits.

Send, Request, Buy, Trade

With Ven, you have a wide variety of ways to use and exchange virtual currency with your friends, colleagues and clients. It is easy to send Ven to another person over email or via a phone scan, and you can request Ven from others or apply it to projects and initiatives important to you.

The Legal Choice

Some virtual currencies have ignored traditional authorities and are used for unsavory purposes or even illegal activities - resulting in public concern. Ven provides a comparable yet fully legal architecture with the added bonus of helping the environment. Our conservative approach is why we don't yet offer public 'cash-out' for Ven - this requires deep regulatory partnerships.

Ven is Mobile

Our new architecure is designed for mobile devices, and we're working on native applications for iOS, Firefox and other platforms. We're specifically working on ways to make Ven simple and fun for Android, BlackBerry, Windows and your iPhone or iPad. Our new interface for Hub Culture also employs a mobile-first design approach.

Ven Helps Nature

Hub Culture members have already helped us put over 25,000 acres of Amazon rainforest under protection using Ven. Holding Ven increases the ability of the Central Ven Reserve to buy carbon assets backing the currency. The more Ven in the world, the more carbon we hold. We're aiming for 0.5% of commodity trades priced in Ven - creating a $1 billion fund for nature.

Dedicated Stores

With Ven you can buy real items and services from Hub Culture or invest into exciting programs and projects to help make the world better. From cars to consulting, it's all in the Hub Culture store. We're most excited about our P2P crowdfunding sources, micro-finance, development and environmental projects.