Ven is a global digital currency that's easy to use and great for the environment.

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Ven is Stable

The value of Ven is determined by the financial markets in a weighted basket of currencies, commodities and carbon futures trading against other major currencies at floating exchange rates. Ven is the first digital currency to float, and the first to include carbon in its pricing, making it the only environmentally linked currency in existence. Currently over 500 million units of Ven have circulated, and it can be used to purchase anything from commodities to fashion to cars to a coffee.  Watch a Ven videoRead what Forbes, CNN, WSJ, Harvard Business Review, Techcrunch, Fortune and others say about Ven.

Because Ven is priced from a basket, movements tend to be more stable than a single currency. Stability makes Ven an excellent pricing mechanism for forward contracts on rolling physical goods, and makes Ven an excellent long-term store of value. It's also great for inter-company trades, hedging and companies looking for reliability in international pricing.

Banks, hedge funds and other institutions are able to purchase Ven on the open market through regulated exchanges, and it is available for private secondary market trading on an approved basis with Hub Culture's financial partners.

Ven is Global

Ven is used to purchase anything from "jets to juice" within the Hub Culture network, is the sole tender accepted at Hub Culture Pavilions and is traded on regulated financial exchanges, including LMAX forex exchange and the Kraken digital exchange Members use Ven widely: from pricing produce in localized community gardens to micro-funding for development projects, high level knowledge sharing, even villa rentals in the Hamptons, Bali, Mexico, Switzerland and resorts around the world.

Ven can be sent to any Hub member anywhere with zero friction via an internal trading platform, or traded in exchange for knowledge and favors.

Accept Ven for micro-payments by including the Ven symbol or button, with a link to a Ven account using our API documentation at Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts can link to Ven for easily integrated transactions using approved buttons with approved access credentials.

Ven is Secure

Ven is stored in the cloud via a secure wallet linked to every member’s Hub Culture profile. Identity related to transactions is locked in a crypto-vault that provides an open-source, secure and individually owned Personal Data Store, called HubID.

Using Ven for transactions saves Hub Culture members from risking bank account and credit card data via online transactions each time they wish to enable a value exchange.

The majority of Ven is stored in the Glacier, an offline vault that with an algorithmic key that enables Ven to ‘melt’ into circulation when its purchased. Ven Authorities are organisations empowered to issue and redeem Ven related to certain regulatory clearances, and are required to maintain escrow reserve accounts with Hub Culture’s banking partners to ensure that all Ven in the system remains asset backed and wrapped with secure assurances. Making Ven a trusted and secure vehicle for maintaining reserve values on the Internet at large is a key focus of the Ven Central Reserve Board and Hub Culture at large.

Ven is Green

Since Ven is backed by reserve assets equivalent to the total Ven in circulation, the inclusion of these assets in the reserve basket provide a demand source for carbon, with material benefits to the environment at large. Over 25,000 acres of Amazon rainforest and other environmental investments have been made as a result of Ven.

To learn how Ven is being used to make transactions in the field of commodities and international wholesale more green, please apply for access to the Commodities section of the Hub Culture Resources network. The inclusion of carbon in the price gives every purchase a derivative carbon offset, and it works everywhere on the Internet.

The Ven Prize is an award for innovation and collaboration toward sustainable economic systems in Hub Culture and the world at large. The next Ven Prize award will be presented in 2015. The Ven Prize began with a base of 100,000V, (equivalent to $10,000) and is growing.

Companies and individuals can contribute to the Ven Prize. To learn about qualifying for the Ven Prize or for more information, please visit the Ven Prize Hub on Companies can also invest in Ven Climate Deals, allocation funds dedicated to funding progress in the climate sector.

Ven Funds allow for membership based support of projects in a variety of sectors including entrepreneurship, micro-finance, environmental progress, innovation, and even FX.

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