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The Ven blockchain is the newest addition to the Ven financial ecosystem. This component fits between core issuance of Ven to the market and the Ven Central Reserve, a frozen glacier. Typically Ven melts into circulation through A.I. issuance based on a calculation of Ven value related to its underlying components. Now Ven Oxygen (Vo2) can be generated by protection of nature, and used to create whole new economies of protection for the planet.

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The Ven blockchain introduces a decentralized asset staking system to allow the Ven community to play a role in the network as Ven Oxygen (Vo2) creators. Approved Ven Validators generate Oxygen (Vo2) through a novel Proof of Oxygen consensus mechanism.

Staking occurs by assigning a smart contract for environmental protection tied to geofenced land or forest reserves, which the A.I calculates according to an oxygen emission and carbon sequestration formula. The more oxygen staked to the network, the more Vo2 is issued to the stakeholder, and this issuance (melt) occurs throughout the lifetime of staking. If the property stake is withdrawn or destroyed, the melt ends.

This novel blockchain format is in development and will launch in Fall 2021. Interested staking authorities can apply for authority status here to begin earning Ven Oxygen (Vo2).